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wayne tarun in Annapolis
- 4.0

Date: 2024-05-24

Project: Remove 2 tall trees

Alex and his crew did a great job. I had 2 tall trees in a tight area. They were on time and did a good cleanup. I would recommend this crew for any future work.

- 5.0

Date: 2024-04-18

Project: Tree Trimming

A great job trimming my trees! Crew was on time, professional, friendly, and cleaned up all debris. I was impressed and will definitely use this company again in the future.

Susannah O in Westminster
- 5.0

Date: 2024-04-13

Project: Tree Removal

Alex and his team were fantastic for our residential needs. We needed 4 large dead trees removed from our fenced backyard yard. Alex\'s team removed all the trees and cleaned up all the debris in the yard in a timely matter at an excellent price. I highly recommend them for all your tree removal needs!

Terry & Vicki in Havre de Grace
- 5.0

Date: 2024-02-19

Project: Tree removal

10/10 Great service! Very personable and efficient. Outstanding cleanup! Would definitely use again, and highly recommend. Very nicely done!

Walter Powell in Laurel
- 1.0

Date: 2023-11-25

Project: Tree Removal

I contacted Country Tree Services earlier this month for them to cut down our dead tree in our front yard. They came and did a estimate on 11/14, and we were satisfied, so I requested for them to come on 11/27, and Alex confirmed that day. \r\nThen I received a voicemail from Cylinia the morning of 11/20 stating that they couldn\'t do the job on 11/27 because they were having \"trouble with the chipper\", and they needed to reschedule. Cylinia called again on 11/20 in the afternoon stating that they could come on Saturday 11/25. I then texted Alex asking what time can the company come on Saturday to cut down the tree. Alex called me, saying that if he hears the noise of hair clippers, it\'s because he\'s at the barbershop. Alex then explained that he had another job on the other side of Baltimore, so he asked me if I was fine with him coming at 2pm, or if I wanted our house to be the first job of the day (8am in the morning). I requested the first time slot 8am, so the appointment time was confirmed and set for 11/25 8am; and we were asked to inform our neighbors that they needed to move their cars before they cut down the tree. \r\nIt is now today - Saturday 11/25. We gave our neighbors ample notice and all cars were moved before 8am this morning. At 8am, no ones here; 40 mins later, Country Tree Services is a no call no show. I call both the company number and Alex\'s personal number, no one picks up - all calls are going straight to voicemail. I text Alex as well, no response. An hour passes, and another and another, still nothing. I call both numbers again, still nothing. At 12:39pm, a different representative calls our home phone (not my cell), apologizes, and tells us that they were finishing up a job from the day before. The representative says that they will be here in 40 minutes if we still wanted them to come; I confirmed for them to still complete the job, and then the wait began yet again. We waited 40 minutes, nothing. An hour, nothing. Two hours, nothing. We called numerous times to both Alex and the main office. Alex\'s number went straight to voicemail again when I called, so I called with our house phone, and then Alex\'s phone was ringing again, which made us think he may have blocked my number. THEY NEVER SHOWED UP. \r\nWe originally showed interest in this tree removal company because we recieved an advertisement with a discount for their services in the mail, but it is beyond clear now that they have ZERO customer service, horrible communication skills, and they clearly do not care to make more business with new customers. Its incredibly disrespectful and unacceptable that I attempted to call and text Alex and the Country Tree Services company phone seven times (8:41am, 10:42am, 11:23am, 2:30pm, 2:50pm, 2:53pm, and 4:14pm) and NO ONE could simply answer the phone, explain the delay, and postpone the tree removal. They confirm on their website that they are a 24/7 business, but can\'t answer customer calls. Absolutely unacceptable, they inconvenienced both our family and four of our neighbors who took their time to clear a way so this tree removal could be completed safely. If we could rate 0 stars, we would.

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Copyright 2024 Country Tree Services
All Rights Reserved